Hey all, guess what?

This page your reading is my new BLOG! Yes, it’s true! Your favorite wine loving horse is now going to be online writing my thoughts for the whole world to see. I
don’t think you are ready for this! For my first post, I am going to keep it pretty clean and factual…

**BIG NEWS** We have a new website! Finally, Mel here has now joined the current century. This site is the best way to find out what is going on at the winery! It’s gorgeous, it’s constantly updated and it’s going to tell you everything you need to know. The only thing it won’t do is drive you home after you have had too many glass of wine! Don’t worry, my cousin Mo can help you with that.

#2: Who is Mel? Well I’m glad you asked! I am the winery horse that is in our logo. I moved here years ago for a shot at racing at the famous Saratoga Race Course. Apparently you have to be fast as lightning speed to get a chance, so I started trotting west out of town to leave when I spotted the winery. It looked like a barn, so I thought it would be a place to meet someone special. No other horses, but I was delighted to discover it was a winery. I sat out back just thinking about life and I drank almost a barrel of wine. The owners took me in and gave me a job helping out around the place. I may be more of a nuisance than help sometimes, as I am constantly “trying” the wines. Now that we have beer and spirits I have to try those too. And the wood fired pizza – let’s just say that Chef James has to make few extra doughs when I’m on site. Someone has to make sure everything is still delicious, right? I changed my name shortly after working at the winery. Mel is short for Melomel, our signature style of wine. I like to try that one the most so people around here starting calling me Melomel, and then Mel just kind of stuck!

Well that is all for now. Check back again soon for my next post. Cheers!