The Saratoga Winery Story...

Saratoga Winery and Tasting Room Owners

Rich and Tara Nimmo began making wine at Rich’s uncle’s winery in Western Pennsylvania. Their hobby evolved in their wine cellar, as they experimented and perfected the blends that they had grown to love. Annual trips to the Finger Lakes to take part in wine tasting, vineyard and winery tours, and to explore the region’s exceptional varieties, have allowed their passion to grow. It has long been their dream to capture all that they love about Saratoga, The Adirondacks, and wine itself. When you visit The Saratoga Winery, it’s easy to see how their dream has come to life. You may even see future wine makers, Tyler & Sam Nimmo, (ages 7 & 8), lending a helping hand!

Before and After Property Photos

Rich and Tara made their dreams of owning a winery come true when they bought property on Route 29 that was once used as a farm stand. It took months of hard work and good friends to turn the abandoned building into a new wine tasting room. Since their doors opened in 2009, more big improvements and additions have been made. Check out the slideshow below to see what the property looked like when Rich & Tara first bought it. Be sure to wait until the end to see what it looks like now!

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What To Expect When You Visit…

Looking for fun things to do in Saratoga Springs? How about a rustic & unique wine experience only four miles from downtown Saratoga!? Pull up a chair at our Adirondack style tasting bar and learn from our knowledgeable staff as you sip away at our growing variety of diverse wines.

Wine tastings are available during all business hours! Reservations are preferred if you have a party of 6 or more.

Explore the Winery & Tasting Room

Grapes on vine

Where Our Grapes Come From…

We support our local New York State grape growers.

Carefully hand selecting the finest grapes, primarily from The Finger Lakes region,  allows us to offer a greater selection of high quality wines.

Dry, sweet, red, white, traditional style or all natural, whatever your flavor, we are sure to have something you’ll love.

Our ever-growing selection includes Dry Riesling, Semi Dry Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir,  Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as several extraordinary blends.

melomel, wine

What Makes Our Winery Unique…

Our signature wine is called Melomel; the ancestor of all fermented drinks. Melomel wine is centuries old in Europe, Africa and Asia. These all natural wines are made of only grapes and local honey and offer a smooth, sweet flavor to the palate. Some compare the flavors to a port, sherry, dessert or ice wine; however it can be enjoyed at any time and for any occasion. Our Melomel is left to ferment naturally in Kentucky bourbon barrels, with no added sulfites or chemicals to alter the fermentation process. Wine and honey are also both are known to offer many health benefits. Melomel will change the way you think about wine…don’t leave the winery without trying one!